Jin Xuan Oolong Tea – 150g


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The tea variety is Jin Xuan tea, produced in Zhu Shan Town, Nantou County, Taiwan. The tea plantation is situated at an altitude of 400 meters, and the harvest took place in November 2023. Despite the relatively low altitude, the tea maintains high quality due to excellent plantation management and tea processing methods, comparable to high-altitude tea regions but at half the price, making it a cost-effective choice.
  • The tea plant variety is Jinxuan tea, which belongs to a new cultivar with a unique floral fragrance. It is well-suited for producing oolong tea.
  • The tea garden is well-managed with efficient irrigation systems and the use of organic fertilizers.
  • Harvesting is done manually on sunny days, ensuring intact leaves and a delightful aroma.
Jin Xuan, developed by the Taiwanese government, is characterized by a mild taste and unique aroma, making it suitable for crafting oolong tea. Zhu Shan Town is renowned as one of the best locations for cultivating Jin Xuan tea in Taiwan.
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