Shipping Rates

International Express Mail Service(EMS)

The shipping fees are all listed in New Taiwan Dollars (TWD). Approximately, 100 TWD is equivalent to 3.3 USD, 2.5 GBP, 4.3 CAD, and 2.9 EUR. You can check the real-time exchange rates on the following website:Yahoo Finance

Country/Region Delivery time base fare Free Shipping Threshold
Japan 3-7days NT$450 NT$4500
United States 3-7 days NT$850 NT$9000
United Kingdom 3-7days NT$850 NT$9000
Singapore 3-7days NT$450 NT$4500
Hong Kong 2-5days NT$250 NT$2500
Macau 2-5days NT$250 NT$2500
China 2-5days NT$350 NT$3000
Europe 3-10days NT$560 NT$8000
Australia 4-10days NT$600 NT$8000
New Zealand 4-10days NT$600 NT$8000
Canada 3-10days NT$720 NT$6000

Country/Region Delivery time base fare Free Shipping Threshold
Asia 3-10 days NT$450 NT$4500
Oceania 4-10days NT$600 NT$8000
Africa 3-10days NT$600 NT$8000
Northern America 3-10days NT$720 NT$6000
Central America 3-10days NT$720 NT$6000
South America 3-10days NT$720 NT$6000

 *Due to festivals, weather factors, and the impact of Covid-19, there may be delays in logistics.

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