Dark Roast Oolong Tea


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“Dark Roast” Oolong Tea harvested on May 2, 2023. The process involves 2 to 3 rounds of roasting, imparting a smoky, toasty flavor to the tea leaves. The brewed tea exhibits a deeper color, a richer aroma, and carries a robust and mellow taste.


Taiwanese Oolong tea has a history of over 200 years. Through continuous experimentation, tea masters have discovered that each round of roasting imparts a distinct flavor to the tea leaves. After 2 to 3 rounds of roasting, the fresh and fragrant tea leaves transform into a smoky, mellow aroma, enhancing the complexity of the taste. In comparison to lightly roasted Oolong tea, dark roast Oolong tea is also more easily preserved and can be steeped multiple times.

  • Each round involves a 3-hour, low-temperature roasting at 80°C.
  • Tea artisans provide 2 to 3 rounds of low-temperature roasting based on the condition of the tea leaves.
  • The resulting tea exhibits a smoky and toasty aroma, suitable for up to 5 steepings.
  • The tea is handpicked using the ‘one bud, two leaves’ plucking method.
Weight 150 g
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