Taiwan Longfeng Gorge Oolong Tea-150g(Spring Tea 2024)


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Longfeng Gorge, located in the high mountains of central Taiwan, is a mysterious and beautiful gorge. Frequently shrouded in dense fog, the tea leaves here grow slowly. Compared to the 40-day growth period in other regions, tea leaves in Longfeng Gorge take 50 to 60 days to mature. This extended growth period imparts a richer aroma to the tea leaves, making Longfeng Gorge Oolong Tea highly cherished.

Oolong Tea Grown in High Mountain Gorges

Despite the steep terrain of Longfeng Gorge being unsuitable for tea cultivation, the immense popularity of the tea has led to the development of numerous tea gardens throughout the gorge. Even so, the demand for the tea leaves far exceeds the supply, making Longfeng Gorge tea one of the most sought-after in Taiwan’s tea market.

The tea from Longfeng Gorge is from one of Taiwan’s most popular high mountain tea-producing regions. The gorge is frequently enveloped in dense fog, causing the tea leaves to grow slowly and develop a richer aroma. At an altitude of up to 1800 meters, the tea leaves here exhibit high sweetness and low bitterness. We ensure the best quality by hand-picking every tea leaf, avoiding the use of machinery.

Weight 150 g
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Manual tea picking


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