Taiwan Lishan Mountain Oolong Tea-150g(Spring Tea 2024)


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Located in the central part of Taiwan, Lishan is a renowned high-mountain tea producing area, with tea gardens situated at altitudes ranging from 1450 to 2560 meters. This particular tea garden is located on the southern side of Lishan, near the famous Lishan Suspension Bridge, making it one of the most popular tea-growing regions in Lishan.

Planted in a high mountain gorge at an altitude of 2000 meters

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The tea leaves near the Lishan Suspension Bridge are highly acclaimed, mainly due to the unique geographical advantages of its location. Situated between two mountains, the tea garden is cultivated along the valley, exposed to cold winds throughout the year. This slow growth of the tea leaves results in thicker leaves, laying the foundation for producing rich-flavored Oolong tea and imparting a unique orchid aroma to the tea leaves.

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With an altitude reaching 2000 meters, there is a significant temperature difference between day and night, resulting in reduced bitterness and enhanced sweetness of the tea leaves. The continuous cold wind blowing through the valley slows down the growth of the tea leaves, making them thicker and of higher quality, resulting in a richer taste. To ensure the ecological environment of the tea garden and the quality of the tea leaves, the tea farmers adhere to strict tea garden management standards, using organic fertilizers (peanut hull), and irrigating the tea garden with water from high mountain springs.

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