Taiwan Lishan Mountain Oolong Tea – 150g


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The lishan mountain oolong tea harvested on October 15, 2023, exhibited excellent quality as the weather was clear from October 11th to 15th. The tea leaves harvested during this period were of high quality. October 15th marked the last day of consecutive sunny weather, resulting in tea leaves with the least moisture content. This led to a more pronounced aroma in the produced oolong tea. Therefore, we chose to purchase the tea harvested on October 15th.

The tea plantation is located on the south side of Lishan, adjacent to the famous Lishan Suspension Bridge, making it one of the most popular tea-producing areas in Lishan. The tea quality near the Lishan Suspension Bridge is well-received due to its location between two high mountains, at an altitude exceeding 2000 meters. The continuous cold wind from the high mountains slows down the growth of tea plants, resulting in thicker tea leaves. The oolong tea produced here has a rich flavor profile and carries a delightful orchid fragrance, making it highly sought after.

  • The tea plantation is situated at an altitude of 2000 meters, experiencing significant day-night temperature variations.This leads to low bitterness and high sweetness in the tea leaves.
  • The mountainous terrain on both sides ensures a constant flow of cold winds throughout the year, contributing to slow tea plant growth, thick leaves, and a rich flavor profile.
  • The tea plantation is meticulously managed, employing organic fertilizers such as peanut meal and irrigated with water from high mountain springs.
  • With slow growth, the tea leaves are harvested only once each year, in both spring and winter.
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