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Benefits of Taiwanese Oolong Tea

There are numerous benefits to drinking Taiwanese oolong tea, including but not limited to the following: Mental Alertness: Taiwanese oolong tea contains caffeine, which can help improve focus and mental concentration. However, it’s important to note that excessive caffeine intake can lead to insomnia, so it’s advisable not to consume too much oolong tea before

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Does Taiwanese Oolong Tea Contain Caffeine?

Yes, Taiwanese Oolong tea typically contains caffeine, although the amount can vary depending on the production method and the type of tea leaves used. Generally, Oolong tea contains less caffeine compared to coffee but still retains a certain proportion. Therefore, if you are sensitive to caffeine or need to limit your caffeine intake, be mindful

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The Benefits and Precautions of Taiwanese Oolong Tea

Drinking Taiwanese Oolong tea has many benefits, including helping to refresh the mind, antioxidant effects, maintaining cardiovascular health, promoting metabolism, and reducing the risk of diabetes, among others. However, there are also some precautions and side effects: Drinking Too Much Oolong Tea: Oolong tea contains caffeine, and excessive intake may lead to caffeine poisoning. Symptoms

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The prices displayed in the store are all in New Taiwan Dollars (currency code: TWD). The exchange rate for TWD/USD typically ranges between 28 to 32 TWD per US dollar. For detailed real-time exchange rates, please refer to the following websites: Currency code Land/Region USD USA JPY Japan GBP United Kingdom EUR EURO KRW Korean

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For ball-shaped teas such as Oolong tea and high mountain tea, vacuum-sealed packaging is used, with each bag weighing 150 grams and containing a desiccant to preserve freshness for 2 years. For strip-shaped teas such as black tea, and Oriental Beauty tea, sealed packaging (non-vacuum sealed) is used to prevent crushing of the tea leaves.

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When we ship your order, we will send the tracking number to your email. You can use the link below to track the shipping progress. For shipments to North America, Europe, and Asia, we utilize International Express Mail Service. Deliveries typically arrive within 3-7 days, but there may be delays due to holidays, weather

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Taiwan High Mountain Tea Growing Regions

Taiwan is a mountainous island with a land area of 36,000 square kilometers, hosting 268 peaks exceeding 3,000 meters (9,800 feet) in elevation. The highest peak is Yushan Main Peak, reaching an elevation of 3,952 meters (13,000 feet). Several high mountains near the Tropic of Cancer have become renowned for cultivating high mountain tea. Representative

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Types of Taiwan Oolong Tea

Taiwan tea originates from Fujian, China, and besides preserving traditional Chinese Fujian oolong teas such as Tie Guan Yin and Wuyi oolong, it has diversified with the influence of the subtropical island climate to develop various types of oolong teas. Below are common types of Taiwan oolong teas: Baozhong Tea: Produced in northern Taiwan, with

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World’s Best Oolong Tea

Taiwan tea originated from Fujian, China, where Chinese immigrants brought tea seedlings and technology to Taiwan 200 years ago. In addition to the two traditional Chinese Oolong teas, Wuyi Oolong and Tieguanyin, Taiwan has also developed unique varieties of Oolong teas, and became a producer of excellent Oolong teas 100 years ago, selling them in

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Where is your tea produced? Our tea is exclusively produced in Taiwan. What is the shelf life of your tea? Vacuum-packed tea can be stored for up to 2 years. What is the packaging weight? We offer two packaging options: 75 grams and 150 grams. How should I store the tea leaves? Store them in

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International Express Mail Service(EMS) The shipping fees are all listed in New Taiwan Dollars (TWD). Approximately, 100 TWD is equivalent to 3.3 USD, 2.5 GBP, 4.3 CAD, and 2.9 EUR. You can check the real-time exchange rates on the following Country/Region Delivery time base fare Free Shipping Threshold Japan 3-7days NT$450 NT$4500 United States

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