Taiwan Alishan High Mountain Oolong Tea – 150g


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The Alishan tea harvested on November 16, 2023, comes from a tea plantation situated at an elevation of 1400 meters. On that day, the tea garden was enveloped in a cold air mass, with a temperature of only 7°C. Tea leaves harvested in such low temperatures carry a distinct “winter flavor,” characterized by a smoother tea soup and a more delicate taste.

Alishan is the widest and highest-yield high-mountain tea region in Taiwan. Located near the Tropic of Cancer, it enjoys abundant sunlight and ample rainfall, providing an ideal environment for the robust growth of tea trees. The Alishan tea region spans multiple high mountains, each with different soil composition, sunlight exposure, and water quality, resulting in a diverse range of flavors in Alishan tea compared to other high-mountain teas.

Since the 1970s, Alishan has been a key area for large-scale tea tree cultivation, becoming the most representative region in Taiwan’s tea industry. As the largest high-mountain tea-producing area in Taiwan, it is home to hundreds of tea processing factories. Each year, the Taiwanese government organizes a tea competition, attracting every tea factory to participate. The intense competition has made the Alishan tea region the most outstanding place for tea quality in Taiwan.

  • The origin is the Alishan tea region, the largest-producing area among Taiwan’s high-mountain tea regions.
  • The newly cultivated tea plantation features young tea trees, only 5 years old, resulting in a rich and delicate flavor.
  • Produced by a tea processing factory that is a perennial champion in tea competitions.
Weight 150 g
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