Taiwan Chi-lai Mountain Oolong Tea-150g(Spring Tea 2024)


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Chi-lai Mountain is a high mountain region in Taiwan, with elevations ranging from 1600 to 2050 meters. A decade ago, tea plantations in the Chi-lai Mountain region were scarce, and due to a lack of irrigation water sources and the cold weather in winter and spring, the yield and reputation of Chi-lai Mountain tea were not high. To address the irrigation problem, a local tea farmer invested heavily in water diversion and installed more than thirty frost protection fans at a cost of nearly ten million dollars to protect the tea leaves from freezing.

Since implementing these changes, the reputation of his farm has rapidly improved, becoming not only the best tea plantation in Chi-lai Mountain but also the finest producer of high mountain tea in Taiwan.

Oolong tea from the 2000-meter high mountain emits a fragrance reminiscent of orchids.

Furthermore, the tea plantations extensively use organic fertilizers (peanut hull) and enzymes, imparting a distinct orchid fragrance to the produced oolong tea. Coupled with relatively young tea trees, the tea leaves exhibit superior quality, presenting a richer taste and flavor profile, which is also one of the reasons why this plantation is popular.

Grown at high altitudes with a temperature difference of 30 degrees Celsius, Chi-lai Mountain tea emits a unique orchid fragrance and a rich taste. Experience the highest quality high mountain oolong tea.

Weight 150 g
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