Taiwan Honey Scented Black Tea – 150g


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Honey Scented Black Tea is a special type of black tea that is difficult to produce and has a limited yield. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that the tea leaves must be nibbled on by the Green Leafhopper (Jacobiasca formosana), an insect whose chewing causes oxidation of the tea leaves, resulting in a honey-like sweetness.

Black tea with a honey-like flavor

In the past, the Green Leafhopper was considered a pest in tea plantations, and farmers used pesticides to prevent infestation. However, about 20 years ago, some farmers began to experiment with coexisting with the Green Leafhopper, giving rise to Honey Scented Black Tea.


However, this method of tea production also has its drawbacks. Due to the inability to use pesticides, the growth of tea trees is restricted, resulting in lower yields, and the harvesting and tea-making processes require a significant amount of manual labor, leading to relatively higher costs. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that high-quality Honey Scented Black Tea has a rich fruity aroma and a honey-like sweetness, making it charming and uniquely flavored, earning it the reputation as the top-tier black tea from Taiwan.

Weight 150 g
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Liao Tea Shop

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Manual tea picking


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