Taiwan Honey Scented Black Tea – 150g


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The “Honey Scented Black Tea” harvested on July 20, 2023, comes from a tea plantation located in Pinglin Township, Taiwan. This is the highest-quality honey fragrance black tea of the year, with the tea leaves being nibbled by the Jacobiasca formosana, emitting an aroma reminiscent of honey.


The production of Honey Scented Black Tea is a challenging and low-yield process. Its difficulty arises from the necessity for tea leaves to be nibbled by the Jacobiasca formosana, a small green leafhopper. When the leaves are bitten by this insect, they undergo oxidation, resulting in a sweet taste resembling honey. In order to facilitate the abundant reproduction of the Jacobiasca formosana, tea plantations refrain from using pesticides.

  • After being nibbled by insects, the tea leaves acquire a honey-like sweetness.
  • The use of pesticides is prohibited, and only manual harvesting is allowed, resulting in a lower yield.
  • Hailing from Pinglin Township in northern Taiwan, it is considered the premier region for the finest Honey Scented Black Tea.
  • The tea leaves are meticulously processed to remove stems, ensuring the highest quality.
Weight 150 g
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