Taiwan Sun Link Sea Oolong Tea-150g(Spring Tea 2024)


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Sun Link Sea is a high mountain area in central Taiwan, renowned for its cedar and bamboo forests. Tea farmers cultivate tea among these forests, producing tea with a distinct woody and bamboo aroma. The high elevation of the area results in lower bitterness of the tea leaves, making it one of Taiwan’s three major high mountain tea regions.

High Mountain Oolong Tea Grown in the Mist

The Sun Link Sea tea region has a unique characteristic: due to its location within cedar forests, it often experiences mist in the mornings and evenings. This causes the tea leaves to grow more slowly. While tea leaves in other regions typically take about 40 days to grow, those in Sun Link Sea take over 50 days to mature. This extended growth period results in thicker and more delicate leaves, leading to an oolong tea with a richer taste and more complex layers.

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The robust and delicate Sun Link Sea high mountain tea exudes a woody fragrance and the fresh scent of bamboo, offering you a premium Taiwanese high mountain tea tasting experience. Let us savor this unique tea aroma together and appreciate the gifts and beauty of nature.

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Weight 150 g
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Liao Tea Shop

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