Taiwan Sun Link Sea Oolong Tea – 150g


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The Sun Link Sea Oolong Tea harvested on November 14, 2023, originates from a tea plantation situated at an elevation of 1500 meters. On that particular day, a cold front swept through the tea area, bringing the temperature down to only 10 degrees Celsius. The tea leaves harvested in the low-temperature environment have a refreshing and aromatic flavor.

Sun Link Sea, located in the central tea region of Taiwan, is renowned for its abundant cedar and bamboo forests. Tea farmers cultivate the land amidst these forests, imparting a woody and bamboo fragrance to the produced tea. With its high elevation resulting in low bitterness and astringency in the tea leaves, Sun Link Sea has become one of the three major high-mountain tea regions in Taiwan.

Another distinctive feature of the Sun Link Sea tea region is the presence of morning and evening clouds and mist, attributed to its location within the cedar forest. This phenomenon slows down tea leaf production. While tea leaves in typical tea regions require approximately 40 days to grow, Sun Link Sea takes more than 50 days to reach the same size. The longer growth period leads to thicker leaves, creating a richer and more layered taste in the produced Oolong tea.

  • The tea plantation is situated in Sun Link Sea, one of Taiwan’s three major high-mountain tea regions.
  • Surrounded by cedar and bamboo forests, the produced tea carries the fragrances of wood and bamboo.
  • The relatively slow growth rate leads to thicker tea leaves, providing a more flavorful and layered taste.
  • Organic fertilizers (peanut meal) and compound organic fertilizers are utilized in the cultivation process.
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