Taiwan Hehuan Mountain High Mountain Tea-150g(Spring Tea 2024)


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The High Mountain Tea from Hehuan Mountain, harvested on May 29, 2023, grows in a tea plantation at an altitude of 2100 meters. The high elevation of this tea plantation results in lower temperatures, leading to a slow growth of tea leaves. The spring tea of 2023 was only harvested on May 29 due to these conditions. The produced High Mountain Oolong Tea has a refreshing and rich flavor, with a noticeable gelatinous texture in the tea leaves.

Hehuan Mountain is a high mountain in Taiwan, with its highest peak reaching an elevation of 3400 meters. From November to April each year, it often snows in this area, making Hehuan Mountain a famous spot for snow appreciation in Taiwan. Due to its high elevation and lower annual average temperature, this region is not particularly suitable for the growth of tea plants, resulting in very low tea production. However, tea farmers discovered that in such a low-temperature environment, tea leaves would carry a fragrance similar to that of fruits, making this unique flavor highly popular in the tea market. Consequently, after the year 2000, more farmers began to cultivate and plant tea trees in this area.

Due to the unsuitability of the high mountain environment, the tea-producing area is limited to altitudes between 1600 and 2100 meters. Beyond this range, tea trees struggle to survive, and the combination of the high altitude and low average temperatures leads to high production costs, resulting in consistently low tea yields from Hehuan Mountain. Despite the limited quantity, the high quality of Hehuan Mountain High Mountain Tea has made it the most popular product in the Taiwanese tea market.

  • At an altitude of 2100 meters, the tea plantation experiences lower temperatures, contributing to a lower bitterness and higher sweetness in the tea leaves.
  • In the vicinity of the 3400-meter-high mountain, the tea leaves experience slow growth due to the year-round cold winds. The leaves grow thick and emit a fruity aroma.
  • The finest tea plantations on Hehuan Mountain utilize organic fertilizers, resulting in tea leaves with a delightful aroma.
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