Taiwan Qingjing High Mountain Oolong Tea-150g(Spring Tea 2024)


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Qingjing Farm is located in Ren’ai Township, Nantou County, Taiwan. It is a renowned farm and tourist destination, famous for its magnificent high mountain scenery and rich natural environment. The area produces a variety of high-quality agricultural products, including persimmons, peaches, lilies, and tulips. It is also famous for producing premium high mountain tea.

Made from very tender tea leaves, transforming into a fresh fruity aroma

Similar to other high mountain tea regions, the high-altitude environment of the Qingjing area gives the tea a unique flavor. The significant temperature difference between day and night enhances the aroma and taste of the tea. Qingjing High Mountain Tea is particularly known for its fresh floral fragrance and occasional fruity notes. The tea infusion exhibits a beautiful golden-yellow color. These unique flavors have made Qingjing High Mountain Tea one of the most representative specialties of the area, surpassing peaches and lilies over a decade ago. It is also one of Taiwan’s finest high mountain tea regions.

Additionally, Qingjing High Mountain Tea employs a “tender plucking” method, where the tea leaves are harvested before they are fully mature. This method reduces the yield by 30% but results in a richer flavor, which is a distinctive feature of Qingjing tea.

Our tea is made from extremely tender tea leaves, processed using special techniques to eliminate bitterness and transform it into a fresh fruity aroma. The cold climate and abundant rainfall of the high-altitude region impart a more intense flavor and higher sweetness to the tea leaves. Savor the unique flavor of Qingjing High Mountain Tea and let the fresh tea aroma transport you to the enchanting natural beauty of Taiwan!

Weight 150 g
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Manual tea picking


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