Taiwan Chi-Lai(Qilai) Mountain High Mountain Tea -150g


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The Chi-Lai Mountain winter tea harvested on October 14, 2023, was characterized by its low moisture content due to three consecutive sunny days from October 12 to October 16, 2023. The tea picked on October 14 was of the highest quality throughout the entire winter tea season.

Chi-Lai Mountain is a newly developed tea region situated at an altitude ranging from 1600 to 2050 meters. Previously deemed unsuitable for tea cultivation due to low temperatures and a lack of irrigation water, advancements in irrigation technology and cold protection techniques have quickly made Chi-Lai Mountain one of the most popular high mountain tea producing areas.

Given its high altitude and the presence of a nearby 3400-meter-high mountain, Chi-Lai Mountain tea gardens often experience freezing during winter and spring. To address this issue, frost protection fans have been installed in the gardens to prevent tea leaves from freezing. The introduction of this equipment has significantly improved the quality and yield of Chi-Lai Mountain tea.

  • With altitudes reaching up to 2050 meters, the low temperatures in the high mountains reduce the bitterness of the tea while enhancing its sweetness.
  • To counteract the adverse effects of low temperatures on tea tree growth, the tea gardens utilize a large amount of organic fertilizer, effectively overcoming the challenges of tea tree cultivation.
  • The introduction of water sources from distant high mountains solves the problem of insufficient irrigation water. A stable water source contributes to the enhancement of tea quality.
  • Chi-Lai Mountain is a newly developed tea region, with most tea trees being young. Young tea trees have better absorption capabilities and produce more flavorful teas.
  • Frost protection fans prevent tea trees from freezing during winter and spring, increasing the survival rate of the trees and ensuring stable tea leaf quality.
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