Taiwan Pear Mountain Oolong Tea – 150g


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The winter tea harvested on October 15, 2023, from Pear Mountain is sourced from the northern side of Pear Mountain. The tea harvested on this day is considered the finest among the winter teas, and our procurement team, after careful evaluation, has decided to make a substantial purchase.

The northern side of Pear Mountain is an excellent tea-producing region, with mostly newly cultivated tea plantations. The soil in these new plantations retains natural nutrients, and coupled with the strong absorption capabilities of young tea plants, the tea produced here is highly regarded. Abundant water sources and a pristine forest environment further contribute to the popularity of the northern side, making it the most favored area in Pear Mountain in recent years.

  • Situated at an elevation of 2100 meters, the high altitude results in low bitterness and high sweetness in the tea leaves.
  • The newly cultivated plantations benefit from ample natural nutrients in the soil, enhancing the overall quality of the tea produced.
  • The high-altitude cold winds contribute to slow tea leaf production, resulting in thicker leaves and a rich flavor profile.
  • Organic fertilizers, such as peanut meal, are used, and the plantations are irrigated with mountain spring water.
  • The best-managed tea plantations on the northern side of Pear Mountain consistently achieve success in tea leaf competitions, making them stand out in terms of quality.
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