Taiwan Purple Bud Black Tea -150g


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Purple bud tea originates from native tea trees in Taiwan, with young buds displaying a deep purple hue that gradually transitions to green as they mature, showcasing the wonderful changes in the tea leaves’ life cycle.

Rich flavor with woody aroma

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Purple bud tea has a strong taste; when processed into green or oolong tea, it may carry a bitter taste, but once processed into black tea, the bitterness transforms into a honeyed sweetness, accompanied by delicate woody aromas. This has made it a highly sought-after variety of Taiwanese black tea in recent years.

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Our purple bud tea plantation is located around Sun Moon Lake in Nantou, Taiwan, where the humid and warm climate makes it the optimal location for Taiwanese black tea production. We carefully select tea leaves harvested in June and July, the prime season for purple bud tea quality. Through manual picking, we retain only the tender buds of “one bud and two leaves,” removing the stems to ensure the best quality. The flavor of purple bud tea intensifies, becoming smoother after six months of storage, reaching its peak quality after a year. Additionally, it can also be used as a flavored tea, enjoyed with honey, fruits, or milk, providing an equally delightful taste experience.

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