Taiwan Purple Bud Black Tea -150g


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Purple Bud Black Tea” harvested on July 12, 2023. Purple bud tea can be harvested from April to November, with the best quality observed in June and July. The resulting black tea has a rich flavor with a subtle woody aroma.

Purple Bud Tea is a native Taiwanese tea variety known for its distinctive feature: the tender buds are purple and gradually turn green as the leaves mature. The tea has a robust flavor, and when processed into green tea or oolong tea, it tends to have a bitter and astringent taste. However, when crafted into black tea, the bitterness transforms into a honey-like sweetness, accompanied by a subtle woody aroma.

  • Taiwanese native Purple Bud Tea is crafted with a unique taste and carries a subtle woody aroma.
  • The highest quality is obtained from July harvests, resulting in a particularly rich flavor.
  • During production, tea stems are manually removed, leaving only the leaves to enhance the overall quality.
  • After storing for about six months, the flavor tends to improve, with Purple Bud Black Tea aged for over a year being considered the most delightful.
  • Additionally, it can be used as a versatile tea for flavoring, complementing well with honey, fruits, or milk in beverages.
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