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Red Oolong Tea is a distinctive Taiwanese oolong tea. During the summer in Taiwan, an insect known as the small green leafhopper (Jacobiasca formosana), once considered a pest in tea gardens, feeds on the sap of tea plants. This causes the leaves to turn yellow, wither, and can even affect the growth of the tea leaves.

Oolong Tea Bitten by Insects

In the past, tea farmers struggled to reduce damage from pests. However, some farmers discovered that tea leaves bitten by these insects emitted a fruity aroma. Consequently, some farmers changed their approach, embracing a philosophy of coexisting with tea plants and the small green leafhopper. Under this philosophy, Red Oolong Tea has become a classic Taiwanese oolong tea.


Red Oolong Tea is made through a heavy fermentation process. Its flavor lies between black tea and oolong tea, featuring the floral and fruity notes characteristic of oolong tea, along with the sweetness and light caramel aroma of black tea. This complex and rich aroma is one of its distinctive features, showcasing the perfect blend of Taiwanese tea craftsmanship and natural ecology.

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Our Red Oolong Tea is harvested during the months of June, July, and August, the peak breeding season for the small green leafhopper, resulting in a wonderful fruity aroma. It is the highest grade of Red Oolong Tea.

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