Taiwan Sun Moon Lake Ruby Black Tea – 150g


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Ruby Black Tea is a tea variety developed by the Taiwanese government, created by breeding native Taiwanese tea plants with Burmese tea plants.

Taiwan's most popular black tea variety

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Since its introduction in 1999, the Ruby Black Tea variety quickly replaced the older varieties and became the mainstream black tea variety in Taiwan. The hills surrounding Sun Moon Lake in Nantou, Taiwan, with their humid climate and fertile soil, are ideal for growing Ruby tea plants, making this area the best black tea producing region in Taiwan.

Ruby Black Tea has a rich flavor, a deep red color, and a hint of mint aroma. Depending on the processing method, it can also exhibit cinnamon or honey aromas. Another notable characteristic of Ruby Black Tea is that its flavor mellows and its aroma evolves with time. After being stored for over a year, the taste improves significantly.

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Our Ruby Black Tea is sourced from the area around Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. It is harvested in June and July each year, with only the tender “one bud, two leaves” being picked. After processing, the tea stems are removed to ensure the best quality. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with pastries and other delicacies, Ruby Black Tea offers a delightful tasting experience.

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