Bi-Lu Creek High Mountain Oolong Tea: High Altitude Oolong at 2200 Meters

Bi-Lu Creek High Mountain Oolong Tea stands out as a leader among Taiwan’s high mountain teas, originating from Ren’ai Township, Nantou County. Located between kilometers 95 to 99 along the Central Cross-Island Highway, Bi-Lu Creek benefits from exceptional geographical conditions that contribute to its unique tea quality.


Comparable to Dayuling, Bi-Lu Creek High Mountain Oolong Tea

Bi-Lu Creek tea gardens are just a few kilometers away from Dayuling tea gardens; the former spans from kilometers 95 to 99 along the highway, while the latter is located between kilometers 100 to 105.5. Due to similar climatic conditions, Bi-Lu Creek tea is often considered comparable to Dayuling tea in terms of quality. Characterized by low bitterness, high sweetness, and a rich orchid aroma, Bi-Lu Creek tea attracts a large number of tea enthusiasts. Despite its comparable quality, Bi-Lu Creek tea is relatively more affordable (priced at NT$5000 to NT$6000 per 600 grams), making it a popular alternative to Dayuling tea.


Reduction in Tea Garden Area

Since 2015, the area of Bi-Lu Creek tea gardens has significantly reduced due to government reclamation policies. The tea gardens originally located between kilometers 95 to 99 now only have two plots left, with annual production dropping from over 6000 kilograms during its peak to about 600 kilograms, resulting in a market demand that exceeds supply.

Buying Advice for Bi-Lu Creek Oolong Tea

Due to its limited production and high market prices, many tea farmers opt for less tender harvesting (which reduces yield), leading to some tea leaves being of lower quality. Additionally, due to the supply-demand gap, many counterfeit Bi-Lu Creek teas have appeared in the market. Consumers are advised to choose trustworthy sales channels to ensure they purchase authentic Bi-Lu Creek High Mountain Oolong Tea.

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