Fushou Mountain Farm Oolong Tea: Produced by Taiwan’s Official Farm

Fushou Mountain Farm Oolong Tea is produced by a government farm in Taiwan, officially branded as “Fushou Changchun Tea.” It is a premium variety of Taiwan High Mountain Oolong Tea, widely beloved by tea enthusiasts. The Fushou Mountain tea region is located at the border of Heping District in Taichung City and Ren’ai Township in Nantou County. Annually, it produces approximately 12,000 kilograms of tea, with prices exceeding NT$7,000 per 600 grams.


Fushou Mountain Farm Oolong Tea - Superior Environment and Flavor Characteristics

The high altitude of the Fushou Mountain tea region is one of the key factors contributing to the excellent quality of its tea leaves. The tea gardens are distributed between altitudes of 2330 meters and 2490 meters, making it one of the highest tea regions in Taiwan. The cool climate brought by high altitudes causes the tea plants to grow slowly, accumulating more nutrients, which gives Fushou Mountain Oolong Tea its unique flavor. The tea gardens are divided into three sections: the lowest point is near the Fushou Mountain Farm tea factory, the middle section is the largest, and the highest point is near Tianchi, reaching an altitude of 2490 meters. The high-altitude environment endows the tea leaves with a rich aroma and a full-bodied taste, leaving a lasting sweet aftertaste.

The flavor of Fushou Mountain Oolong Tea is characterized by its rich floral and fruity aroma. The tea liquor is clear and bright, with a smooth texture and a complex, layered taste. Because the tea region often experiences frost, Fushou Mountain became the first tea area in Taiwan to install frost prevention fans extensively, ensuring the high quality of the tea leaves.


Exceptional Quality and Name Confusion

Fushou Mountain Oolong Tea is renowned for its exceptional quality, with limited annual production and high demand. The “Fushou Changchun Tea” from Fushou Mountain Farm sells for NT$7,000 to NT$10,000 per jin (600 grams). Despite its high price, it remains popular among consumers. However, the high profit has also led to name confusion issues. Many tea merchants take advantage of Fushou Mountain’s reputation to market similarly named teas, attempting to mislead consumers. Some counterfeit products directly use names like “Fushou Changchun Tea” and “Fushou Changqing Tea,” while others adopt names such as “Fushou Tianchi Tea” and “Fushou Mountain Daguan Pavilion Tea.”

Reputation of Fushou Mountain Oolong Tea

Fushou Mountain Oolong Tea enjoys a stellar reputation in the tea world. Its tea leaves are not only favored by former presidents and other celebrities but are also considered a treasure among tea enthusiasts. The two annual harvests, from late May to early June and from September to October, ensure the freshness and quality of the tea leaves. Despite the prevalence of counterfeit products, genuine Fushou Mountain Oolong Tea remains highly sought after for its unique flavor and superior quality.

In summary, Fushou Mountain Oolong Tea is deeply loved by consumers for its unique growing environment, exceptional quality, and rich taste. However, buyers need to be cautious to avoid counterfeit products and truly enjoy the deliciousness of authentic Fushou Mountain Oolong Tea.


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