Chi-Lai Mountain Oolong Tea: Emerging High Mountain Oolong Origin

Chi-Lai Mountain Oolong Tea originates from Nantou County, Taiwan, and is a rapidly rising region known for producing high-quality tea in recent years. The tea gardens here span a vast area, benefiting from high-altitude environments and superior natural conditions, which contribute to the excellent quality of Chi-Lai Mountain high mountain oolong tea, highly esteemed and favored by tea enthusiasts.


High-Quality Chi-Lai Mountain Oolong Tea

The highest altitude in the Chi-Lai Mountain tea-growing area reaches 2060 meters, ensuring exceptional tea leaf quality. Tea trees cover over 85% of cultivated land, with fewer orchards and vegetable gardens, resulting in minimal pesticide contamination compared to regions like Lishan tea, ensuring purity. In addition to its large production capacity, Chi-Lai Mountain has seen several high-quality tea factories established in recent years, currently hosting three major tea factories whose tea garden management and tea processing equipment rival those of Lishan tea.

With altitudes ranging from 1400 to 2060 meters, the high altitude and superior natural conditions contribute to the outstanding quality of Chi-Lai Mountain Oolong Tea. However, the high-altitude environment also poses challenges, such as frost damage during winter and spring, which can affect tea quality to some extent.


Flavor and Pricing of Chi-Lai Mountain Oolong Tea

Chi-Lai Mountain Oolong Tea is renowned for its unique flavor, characterized by rich sweetness and a refreshing tea aroma, with distinct mountainous notes. Spring and winter teas from Chi-Lai Mountain retail between NT$2000 to NT$3500 per 600 grams, while autumn tea ranges from NT$1200 to NT$1800.

Buying Recommendations

Due to its excellent quality and abundant yield, Chi-Lai Mountain Oolong Tea has gradually become a high-priced tea, often packaged and sold under prestigious names like Lishan tea or Dayuling tea. When purchasing, it’s advisable to consider the tea garden’s management practices and avoid teas produced from gardens lacking irrigation systems or using chemical fertilizers. Overall, selecting teas from well-managed gardens using high-quality fertilizers ensures an exceptional tea drinking experience with Chi-Lai Mountain Oolong Tea.

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