Cui Feng Oolong Tea: Rich and Premium Oolong

Cui Feng Oolong Tea is produced in Ren’ai Township, Nantou County, Taiwan. It is a relatively new tea-growing region that began large-scale cultivation of tea since the year 2000. With rich soil, superior environment, and excellent management of tea gardens, the oolong tea produced here boasts exceptional quality. Its lingering sweetness, tea charm, and mountainous aroma are all of top-tier standards among high mountain teas.


Quality of Cui Feng Oolong Tea

The highest altitude in the Cui Feng tea-growing area reaches 2057 meters, ensuring excellent tea leaf quality. Over 95% of the area is dedicated to tea plantations, with minimal cultivation of other crops, resulting in minimal pesticide contamination compared to other regions like Lishan tea. While Cui Feng produces large quantities of tea and boasts several high-quality tea factories, it faces challenges such as snow in winter and frost damage in March and April, which can affect tea quality.


Flavor and Pricing of Cui Feng Oolong Tea

Cui Feng Oolong Tea is renowned for its distinctive flavor, characterized by rich sweetness, refreshing tea aroma, and pronounced mountainous notes. Spring and winter teas from Cui Feng retail between NT$2300 to NT$3200 per 600 grams, while autumn tea ranges from NT$1200 to NT$2000 per 600 grams. Due to its high quality, Cui Feng tea is often packaged and sold at higher prices under names like Lishan tea or Dayuling tea, commanding prices ranging from NT$4000 to NT$6000 per 600 grams.

Buying Recommendations

Due to its excellent quality and abundant yield, Cui Feng Oolong Tea is favored by tea merchants and industry professionals alike. Choosing tea gardens that use organic fertilizers, tender plucking, and harvest on sunny days ensures obtaining superior quality tea leaves.

Despite its high standards, Cui Feng Oolong Tea does not guarantee 100% perfection. Factors like the use of fertilizers, frost damage, and pests can still impact tea leaf quality. Due to the large quantity of tea leaves produced, there may also be aged tea leaves that were not harvested in time, so careful selection is advised when making purchases.

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