Shuilinxi High Mountain Oolong Tea: One of Taiwan’s Top Three High Mountain Teas

Shuilinxi High Mountain Oolong Tea is one of Taiwan’s renowned high mountain teas, originating from Nantou County. It spans across Zhushan Township, Lugu Township, and extends into the Gukeng area of Yunlin County, centered around the Shuilinxi Recreation Area. With an altitude ranging from 800 meters to 1950 meters and an annual average temperature of 21°C, coupled with approximately 2700 mm of annual rainfall, Shuilinxi enjoys exceptional natural conditions. These factors contribute to the tea’s unique flavor and texture, placing it alongside Lishan and Alishan as one of Taiwan’s top three high mountain tea regions.


Characteristics of Shuilinxi Oolong Tea

The altitude of the Shuilinxi tea area ranges from 800 to 1950 meters, providing excellent conditions for tea cultivation. The surrounding mist and limited sunlight duration in Shuilinxi extend the tea leaves’ growth cycle compared to other regions. While tea leaves elsewhere mature in 52-58 days, those in Shuilinxi require 60-65 days to grow fully. This extended growth period allows the tea leaves to accumulate more nutrients, resulting in a richer taste profile. Shuilinxi High Mountain Oolong Tea is known for its thick, golden tea liquor, elegant aroma, and full-bodied, sweet flavor.


Price and Taste of Shuilinxi High Mountain Oolong Tea

Shuilinxi High Mountain Oolong Tea is renowned for its distinctive flavor, evoking a sense of being amidst lush green mountains and valleys with every sip. The top-grade Shuilinxi Oolong offers refreshing mountain notes and a delicate orchid fragrance, with its tea liquor appearing golden and clear, and its taste being rich and sweet. The highest-quality Shuilinxi Oolong teas are highly sought after in the market, fetching prices ranging from NT$3000 to NT$5000 per 600 grams.

Purchasing Tips for Shuilinxi Oolong Tea

As one of Taiwan’s top three high mountain tea regions, Shuilinxi produces teas highly regarded for their exceptional quality and unique flavors. The tea estates within Shuilinxi, such as Longfengxia, Fanzaitian, Sancengping, and Dalunshan, consistently produce high-demand high mountain Oolong teas. However, due to its popularity, there are many counterfeit products in the market, often substituting teas from other high mountain regions or lower-altitude teas as Shuilinxi tea. When purchasing Shuilinxi High Mountain Oolong Tea, it’s crucial to buy from reputable tea merchants to ensure authenticity.

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