DaYuLing High Mountain Oolong Tea: Taiwan’s Vanishing High Mountain Tea King

DaYuLing High Mountain Oolong Tea is a premier representative among Taiwan’s high mountain teas. Its exceptional quality stems from its high altitude, significant day-night temperature differentials, and the cool mountain winds, giving it a distinctive mountainous flavor profile characterized by low bitterness and natural sweetness, making it a sought-after treasure in the tea world.


Former Taiwan High Mountain Tea King: DaYuLing High Mountain Oolong Tea

In the past, DaYuLing tea gardens reached heights of up to 2650 meters, making it Taiwan’s highest high mountain oolong tea producing region and thus considered the king of Taiwan’s high mountain teas. However, due to government soil conservation policies, many tea gardens were extensively cleared in 2015, leaving only three gardens with the highest altitude reduced to 2400 meters. These changes resulted in a significant decrease in DaYuLing tea production, with seasonal yields now amounting to less than 1800 kilograms.


Flavor and Pricing of DaYuLing High Mountain Oolong Tea

Due to its unique growing environment, DaYuLing High Mountain Oolong Tea exhibits a rich mountainous flavor and natural sweetness with minimal bitterness. Harvested only in the spring and winter seasons, its limited availability has led to skyrocketing market prices, reaching between 10,000 to 12,000 New Taiwan Dollars per 600 grams in 2023. Despite its high price, the fame of DaYuLing tea ensures continuous high demand.

Quality and Buying Recommendations

Because of the reduced number of tea gardens and the impact of planted trees for soil conservation, the quality of DaYuLing tea has seen a certain decline compared to its state in 2015. Additionally, due to its high price, the market is flooded with counterfeit teas. Consumers should exercise caution when purchasing to ensure they acquire authentic DaYuLing High Mountain Oolong Tea.

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