Zhangshuhu Oolong Tea: Top-grade Tea from AliShan

Zhangshuhu Oolong Tea is produced in Meishan Township, Chiayi County, and is Taiwan’s top-grade high mountain oolong tea, renowned for its unique aroma and rich flavor. The tea gardens here are situated at elevations ranging from 1300 meters to 1600 meters, contributing to the exceptional quality of the tea leaves, with a distinct orchid fragrance being a prominent characteristic of Zhangshuhu high mountain tea.


Advantages of Zhangshuhu Oolong Tea's Origin

Zhangshuhu stands at the peak of Meishan, boasting high elevation, cool climate, and significant day-night temperature variations, which provide an ideal environment for tea tree growth. The sandy soil rich in organic matter offers good aeration and suitable pH levels, allowing the tea plants to absorb ample nutrients and produce tea leaves that are rich in colloids and have a glossy tea soup. Moreover, with over 50 years of tea-making history in the Meishan region, the tea production here has reached a remarkably high standard, making Zhangshuhu high mountain oolong tea the top-grade AliShan tea.


Flavor and Price of Zhangshuhu Oolong Tea

Top-grade Zhangshuhu high mountain oolong tea features unique floral and honey aromas, with a clear golden tea soup, a rich and mellow taste, long-lasting aftertaste, and a hint of natural sweetness. These qualities distinguish it among various types of tea, making it highly favored by tea connoisseurs. Prices for Zhangshuhu high mountain oolong tea vary depending on the season and variety; the highest-grade tea retails between NT$1800 to NT$2800 per 600 grams, while lower grades range from NT$800 to NT$1800 per 600 grams. If the tea wins awards in tea competitions, it can even fetch tens of thousands of New Taiwan Dollars per 600 grams.

Buying Advice for Zhangshuhu High Mountain Oolong Tea

As one of the top-grade AliShan teas, Zhangshuhu high mountain oolong tea is a prime target for counterfeit products, including teas from overseas or lower-altitude regions. Despite the favorable local environment of Zhangshuhu, not all tea produced there is of exceptional quality. Poor management of tea gardens, unfavorable weather conditions, water shortages, rainy harvest periods, and overly mature tea leaves can all compromise the tea’s quality. Before purchasing, consumers are advised to taste the tea first or purchase from reputable tea merchants to ensure quality assurance.

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