Longfengxia Oolong Tea: Enveloped in Mist, a High Mountain Tea Region

Longfengxia Oolong Tea is one of Taiwan’s star products among high mountain teas, cultivated in Longfengxia, Zhushan Township, Nantou County. Situated at elevations reaching up to 1800 meters, the tea produced here exhibits a distinct “high mountain aroma” and enjoys a prestigious reputation within Taiwan’s tea regions. Renowned for its exceptional quality and unique flavor, Longfengxia Oolong Tea is cherished by tea enthusiasts as a rare gem.


Characteristics of Longfengxia Oolong Tea

Located between 1400 to 1800 meters above sea level, Longfengxia Tea Region boasts some of the finest and most popular mountain slopes in the Shanlinxi area. The area is often shrouded in dense fog in the mornings and afternoons, with limited sunlight slowing the growth of tea leaves. In comparison to other tea regions where tea leaves mature in 52-58 days, those from Longfengxia require 60-65 days to develop fully. This unique environment imparts Longfengxia Oolong Tea with a distinctive aroma, and the extended growth period allows the leaves to accumulate more nutrients, resulting in a tea with a fuller body and intense fragrance.


Taste and Price of Longfengxia Oolong Tea

Top-grade Longfengxia Oolong Tea is characterized by its cold mineral notes and hints of pine wood fragrance. The tea liquor exhibits a vibrant honey-green clarity, with a deep and lingering flavor profile complemented by subtle floral undertones. Due to its high quality and limited production, premium Longfengxia high mountain oolong teas fetch prices ranging from NT$2200 to NT$3000 for 600 grams, reflecting its scarcity and high demand in Taiwan’s tea market.

Buying Tips for Longfengxia Oolong Tea

As one of the finest teas from the Shanlinxi region and a star among Taiwan’s high mountain teas, Longfengxia Oolong Tea is highly sought after for its exceptional quality and unique flavor profile. However, its rarity and popularity have led to the proliferation of counterfeit products in the market. Therefore, when purchasing, it is crucial to choose reputable tea merchants to ensure authenticity and quality when enjoying Longfengxia Oolong Tea.

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